AI work using Owl

AI work using Owl

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  • December 17, 2014

OWL Assignment Spec

Assignment Overview

The task is to construct an OWL ontology for a Fantasy World domain, using the Protege 4.3 editor. You may base your fantasy world domain on a real book, film, game, etc., (for example, Lord of the Rings, the Harry Potter series), or you may invent your own fantasy world domain. The key requirement is to model the things in the domain, and the relations between them, which capture the essential characteristics of this specific domain. To design the ontology, you will make use of subsumption, i.e., the IsA, or specialization relationship, as the main organizing principle for the OWL components you define.
You will need to decide which Classes, Object properties, Data properties, and other OWL components you will need to define, where specializations are need, and to what degree of detail. Before starting to develop an ontology, it is important to consider what purposes it will be used for. For example, researchers doing automated information extraction from biomedical articles use gene and protein ontologies to assist in interpreting the content of the articles. Someone developing a new computer system for an organization might find a formal model of the enterprise in the form of a computational ontology to be useful in understanding, and maintaining, the user requirements for the system.

Note: A popular use for an ontology would be to provide world knowledge to assist an automated question-answering system.