UTrack – Activity tracker

UTrack – Activity tracker

Project Description

UTrack Assignment Spec

Assignment Overview

How is your mental and physical health affected by your activities? Good question!

In this assignment, you will create a “quantified self” web application called UTrack, which allows users to track their daily activities and various health measures. They will also be able to analyze the data through summaries you create.

Specifically, users will be able to choose from a list of activities, then indicate the time spent on the activity, and their energy, stress, and happiness levels while performing that activity:As you can see in the mock-up, users can also view the last time they entered a data point, and what that data point was.

The energy, stress, and happiness levels should be numbers: You should validate that the data entered is a number before storing it. If it’s not, you should alert the user in some fashion. The same goes for the duration of the event (which should be a number in minutes). This alert should be user-friendly and helpful.

The way the user enters their energy, stress, and happiness levels can be modified, as long as their input resolves to a number. You should find an efficient, user-friendly way of supporting this activity, so users aren’t discouraged to enter data.

Users will be able to switch to a view that enables them to view summaries, graphs, and plots of their data:This analysis interface should, at a minimum, support the following views:

  • A table showing a summary of the time spent in each activity,
  • And at least one graph that summarizes the data collected so far. This may be a bar graph of total time spent per activity, scatterplots of health measures across activities, etc. Your graphs should have labels, be scaled properly, and be generally easy to use and to understand.

You will need to provide the necessary controls to allow the user to switch between these views and choose any relevant parameters for visualizing the data.

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